What is

Sports Conditioning?

How Does a sport Scientist help me?

Initial Assessment

Initially you will be assessed.

This will involve physical testing and measuring and comprehensive goal setting.

Most importantly, the Sport scientist will sit with you to develop your personalised training program and plan

Exercise program

The Sport Scientist will compile an individualised evidence-based exercise program for you.

The exercise will progressively increase in difficulty to make sure you are better than yesterday.


Equally if not more important, is your recovery. If your body does not recover, it can not adapt properly.

Your sport scientist can provide you with a proper recovery system to make sure your recovery is as efficient as possible.


Periodisation is just a fancy word for planning.

We break down the time we have from now until your major event and plan each cycle as best possible to let you peak on the day of your major event.

"He who fails to plan, plans to fail" - Winston Churchill

Meet The Team


Brendon graduated at the University of the Free State with an Honour's degree in Biokinetics and Sport Science.

He has a special interest in orthopaedic rehabilitation and musculoskeletal injuries.


Brendon has worked with various athletes before who played judo, cycling, rugby, athletics, etc.

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