What is BiokineticS?

Bio (life) + kinetics (movement) = Biokinetics

Biokinetics = Life through Movement

Biokineticist are clinical exercise specialist who makes use of evidence based exercise prescription to treat outcome based measurements based on your injury, disorder or disease.

Biokineticist help improve quality of life and motivate people to make moves and become more physically active.

What does seeing a biokineticist mean?

Initial Assessment

Initially the Biokineticist will assess you.

This will involve a comprehensive medical history taking, measuring range of motion, strength and functionality.

Most importantly, the Biokineticist will ask how you are affected by your current situation and will discuss your treatment plan with you.

Exercise intervention

The Biokineticist will compile an individualised evidence-based exercise program for you.

You will be required to complete a one-on-one session with the Biokineticist to make sure that you are executing the movements correctly.


The exercise will progressively increase in difficulty to make sure you are better than yesterday.


After a while, you will be reassessed by the Biokineticist to measure your improvement.

The new measurements will not only show improvement but also guide the Biokineticist in his future decision making with regards to exercise prescription and your final return to sport or more vigorous daily physical activities.

Return to play

A safe to return to play is very important. A Biokineticist does not only aim to rehabilitate but ultimately we aim to prevent as well.

After successfully identifying risk factors in your initial assessment, the biokineticist aims to reduce the risk for future injury as much as possible by addressing these risk factors as well in your exercise intervention.

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Meet The Team


Brendon graduated at the University of the Free State with an Honour's degree in Biokinetics and Sport Science.

He has a special interest in orthopaedic rehabilitation and musculoskeletal injuries.


Brendon has worked with various athletes before who played judo, cycling, rugby, athletics, etc.

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